Act-On Campaign

Over the internet domain, it is easy to make or break a business – infact the latter is much easier. That’s where our tailor-made Reputation Management services take charge. Dissatisfied employees, frustrated customers, political parties, more importantly business rivals who might want to scar your image online. Once they post a bad remark/complaint in any of the online forums, they show-up on the first page of the Search-Engine results – meaning you lose 95% of your prospects – prospects who actually showed an interest in your product/service and took the time to search you online. This is where brandvois comes to your rescue.

We have a team of ‘always-ready’ SEO experts who can start to ‘Act-On’ the issue right away once you set the ball moving. We make sure that the remarks don’t show up in the first few pages of the Search-Engines, which means you don’t have to worry about them anymore – meaning your prospects will no more get a negative image of your company and will become your customers.