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With the advent of the Internet and its global reach, a huge number of businesses have sprung up online and millions of users have become online customers. With billions of dollars of business being conducted online the integrity and quality of business has also suffered. Many unscrupulous people have utilized the Internet for fraudulent purposes making the consumer question even legitimate businesses.

One does not need to emphasize on the importance of a positive online presence. To empower each consumer there have been websites like RipOff Reports that enable people to put up complaints against businesses that do not deliver as promised. Unfortunately RipOff Reports has a policy of not taking down a complaint even if it is proved to be false and these reports gain prominence across the Internet causing immeasurable damage to any business.

If there has been such reports filed by irate customers then the business suffers. The business owners have to check and take appropriate action to make sure that these RipOff Reports do not cause further damage. At brandvois we understand the need of the hour and the problems that can be created by a false report that is filed at RipOff Reports.

With the legal system unable to force RipOff Reports to remove false reports, it falls to the business owners to make sure that they do not gain prominence. We can make sure that the negative online reviews created through various means do not affect the online presence of any business by removing RipOff Reports from the prying eyes of a customer wishing to do due diligence of the business. With an expert team of people we at brandvois can design a strategy and implement a series of actions that will result in the removal of RipOff Reports comments. Moving these false reports about a business down the ranks of Google search and other popular methods of searching, we can make sure that the impact created by malicious reports are mitigated and will result in effectively removing RipOff reports.

The policy makers at RipOff Reports have made sure that there can be absolutely no removing of a RipOff Report once it has been posted online. With various legal sanctions, removing a RipOff report is almost next to impossible. But with brandvois’s understanding of technology and experience, we can make sure that these negative reports do not reach the eyes of the customer when searched for using search engines and other means.