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With the internet providing a medium of expression for people all around the world there has been a lot of activity towards correcting what is considered wrong. While there are many websites and applications that promote free speech, there has been a lot of negative usage of the technology. People wishing to take revenge and companies wanting to create negative publicity for rivals have started abusing this power of the internet and the number of complaints that people are registering have increased exponentially. This has caused a great deal of activity among people and corporates alike to remove complaints about them online.

There have been a lot of efforts lately by people to remove complaints from online entities like ComplainsBoard and RipOffReports. But the problem is that these sites are protected by CDA laws and thereby are immune to efforts by people to remove complaints. The presence of these negative remarks on the web is quite risky for many companies operating online. People search for negatives of company as the internet provides a lot of anonymity for companies. As a result even a few negative complaints about a company can result in loss of revenue.

Apart from organisations, individuals have also been affected by these websites that lodge customer complaints. Making a negative remark about a person whether it is a disgruntled employee or am old flame, the damage that a single person can cause is immeasurable. When most courses of action fail to remove complaints from such websites, people find it difficult to carry on with their activities with the same intensity as before. The fact that these websites do not allow users to remove complaints and they do not offer to check up on the validity of the complaints has led to a very tricky situation.

As part of our extensive research and implementation oriented methodology in all our activities, we have come across multiple instants where the clients have asked us to remove complaints as part of our activities. This led to us making the processes to remove complaints a part of our services. As with all our services,we at  brandvois have developed our own methodologies that ave proved extremely useful to remove complaints. It is not just the process to remove complaints that makes our service unique, but it is the overall management of a individual or organisations reputations over the internet that makes everything worthwhile.