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With consumer advocacy sites like complaints board becoming prominent across the internet there has been a lot of power handed to the consumer directly. While this was done with the intention of making the end customer more powerful and to expose people who might harm them. However, as with any technology ,complaints board has begun to be used by people who wish to slander a company for personal reasons or by business competitors who wish to damage the reputation of a rival organisation.

The websites like ComplaintsBoard are protected by the CDA act and as such it become impossible to remove complaints board postings. Once these postings come up on the web, the affected parties do not have any way through which to save their reputation. These postings remain for all to see and creates a negative impression among a lot of people. The users who create the complaints board posts can remain anonymous and there are very few courses of action for the person or company who has been affected by such nefarious posts and made every effort to remove complaints board postings.

This problem of having a negative online presence causes damage to many a business – especially to ones that require good online reviews from past users. When people find that there have been negative experiences with a company, all the positive reviews are washed away and only the negative ones remain and companies do not find a way to remove complaints board postings. This scenario has given rise to the concept of reputation management and there are many organisations across the internet that promise to remove complaints board posts that might cause damage to any company. The usual courses of action include creating a positive review system to bury the negatives or go through the legal system to get the negative postings removed.

We at brandvois have been aware of this scenario and have been approached by a multitude of clients asking for our assistance towards creating a positive image online. There have been numerous cases where people have tried to remove complaints board posts through legal means and failed. We have looked in to the problem and have done our research over the past years before offering our service to remove complaints board postings. Any and every organisation that has a online presence must also have a positive bearing when it comes to its users. At brandvois, our years of experience have given us the insight and the ability to look at the effort to remove complaints board posts in a subjective manner and offer solutions that are economical and long lasting.

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