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  • It's Black Friday and all business are having a rush and so is brandvois naturally. Our staff had been having sleepless nights working on the 'Far-Sighted campaigns' and also 'Act-On Campaings' for all our clients. Projects had been pouring from all sides and as always we had to concentrate on the quality too so that the client doesn't end up paying for anything more than the value of our service. There had been a very high increase in the online traffic this Black Friday compared to the last year. It is important that every business has to take care of ...Read More »

  • Last week, I was in a meeting with a client in my room when Joanna, my secretary abruptly came into my room and passed me a note. Someone had called to talk to me 4 times in the morning when my clients had arranged meetings with me throughout. I called him immediately after he left my office curious and excited - maybe we are in for another short-period Act-On campaign after a week. The guy turned out be the CEO of a medium sized Real-Estate company. I asked him about the issue and what he said was really interesting and insightful. ...Read More »