Can I add custom CSS code to my Linktree page?

Can I add custom CSS code to my Linktree page?

Linktree is a popular tool that allows users to create a personalized landing page with multiple links. While the default design options provided by Linktree can be great to get started, customizing your Linktree page with CSS code can help you stand out and create a unique experience for your visitors. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about customizing your Linktree page with CSS code.

Why Customize Your Linktree Page?

Customizing your Linktree page can offer several benefits:

  • Brand Consistency: By customizing your Linktree page, you can incorporate your brand colors, logo, and fonts to maintain consistency with your website or social media profiles.
  • Improved User Experience: A custom design can provide a better user experience by making it easier for visitors to navigate and find the desired links.
  • Visual Appeal: CSS customization allows you to create a visually appealing and eye-catching layout that captivates your audience.

Getting Started with CSS Customization

To customize your Linktree page, you will need to add CSS code to the header section of your page. Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Access the Linktree Dashboard: Login to your Linktree account and navigate to the dashboard.
  2. Select your Linktree page: Choose the Linktree page that you want to customize.
  3. Go to the Theme Editor: In the dashboard, click on the “Theme Editor” tab.
  4. Enter CSS code: In the “Advanced” section, you will find an option to enter custom CSS code. Here, you can add your CSS code to customize various aspects of your Linktree page.
  5. Preview and Save: After adding your CSS code, preview your changes and save them to apply the customizations to your Linktree page.

Customization Options

With CSS code, you can customize various elements of your Linktree page:

  • Colors: Change the background color, link colors, text colors, and hover effects to match your brand or personal style.
  • Fonts: Customize the font styles and sizes for the page title, link titles, and descriptions.
  • Layout: Adjust the spacing, alignment, and size of the links and sections to create a visually appealing layout.
  • Icons: Use CSS code to change the icons used for different links, or even add custom icons.

Advanced Customization Techniques

If you have advanced CSS skills, you can take customization a step further by:

  • Adding Animations: Create animated effects for links or sections to add interactivity and engage your visitors.
  • Responsive Design: Implement responsive CSS code to ensure your Linktree page looks great on different devices and screen sizes.
  • CSS Transitions: Apply transitions to create smooth and visually appealing effects when links are hovered or clicked.


Customizing your Linktree page with CSS code allows you to create a unique and visually appealing experience for your visitors. By incorporating your brand elements and customizing the layout, colors, and fonts, you can enhance your brand consistency and improve the user experience. Remember to experiment with different CSS styles and techniques to find the perfect customization for your Linktree page.

What is Linktree and why should you use it?

Linktree is a popular tool that allows you to create a simple landing page where you can collect and organize all your important links in one place. It acts as a central hub for your online presence, making it easier for your audience to navigate to different social media profiles, websites, blog posts, videos, and more.

By using Linktree, you can optimize the limited space in your social media profiles and bios. Instead of listing multiple URLs or trying to fit all your important links into the character limit of a bio, you can simply direct people to your Linktree page. This allows you to showcase all your links in one convenient location, making it easier for your audience to find and access the content they are interested in.

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