• One of the many steps involved in getting a page ranked higher is getting the keywords right and developing the content in the website that is relevant to the keywords that is being targeted. Even though a lot of companies and web developers give prime importance to these factors there are too many smaller details that are ignored. It is these details that make a website strong in terms of SEO and helps it to remain stable in a high position for long periods of time. The google search engine and the google spiders are fascinating in the ...Read More »

  • Just like the way google revolutionised the way internet was being used, facebook has done something similar. By accumulating hundreds of millions of people on to one platform the people are facebook have created an area teeming with activity and where one can reap rich rewards by working smart and fast. We have always kept an eye on the growth of social media circles and the explosion of facebook has resulted in some new angles of approach towards SEO. When we started looking at the social media circle starting from Orkut and many such sites there were not ...Read More »

  • One of the many sites around in the internet offer services to host content and offer a unique link to that content. During one of our recent interactions with clients we noticed certain interesting points when it comes to external links to the home website. There were many pages with links like across various domains like tumblr, blogger etc. The problem with these links were that even though the content was rich and had a lot of relevance to the home page these attributes were not linked or transferred to the home page. These are simple misconceptions ...Read More »

  • One of the most recent revelations about the way google operates happened because of a document that was circulated in SEO circles. The document showed the categories that web pages were classified into for a given search query and gave valuable insight into how to structure a SEO process. We were happy and relieved to see that the classification was very similar to what we have developed over the years. This classification is necessary for us to understand the dynamics of the internet and to make sure that the right keyword is being used in our clients’ websites. ...Read More »