• Looking at the basics of Search Engine Optimisation we have noticed that a lot of people have known the basic words or jargon in the industry and consider themselves as SEO experts. While what they know maybe a part of SEO, it is never sufficient to fully understand the process and make a website reach top rankings in google search results. For example, when talking about the various methods through which to help the google spiders to navigate through the site, it is easy to point out to the robots.txt file. This file contains the domain level guidance to the ...Read More »

  • In the earlier days of the google search engine a concept called cloaking was used to fool the search engine to deliver false content to the person doing the search. This was done by the process of cloaking, where a server was set up in such a way that a page will be viewed differently by the human user and totally differently by the google bot. The reputation of google as a business took a severe beating whenever a cloaked site was delivered to a person using google search engine. Google fought back by blacklisting these sites and ...Read More »

  • Last week was very eventful as we got quite a few questions from our clients regarding the cloaking post. Some of them were launching new websites for european customers and their webmaster’s suggestion of using cloaking to direct new customers to their corresponding sites started alarm bells in their heads. To get clarity about the situation it is important to understand the fine line that keeps cloaking within the legalities of google’s rules. Cloaking can be used for re directing users to a website that contains content in their own language. It is within the limits set by ...Read More »

  • Recently there have been more awareness about SEO and since we have been at it for more than a few years, a lot of enquiries have started coming through. Our new clients’ websites have been existence for over ten years and yet have not reached the relevant heights in ranking. Taking a look at the sites we were surprised to see the absence of keywords and general description that are absolutely required to be noticed by the google search bots. It became tricky to place the keywords in the website as it might be flagged down as a ...Read More »