What do you mean by Reputation Management?
The question in itself is quite self-explanatory but to elaborate further, Reputation Management has always been there lurking in the background and has now come to the forefront with the influence of Social Media. Earlier, the orb of influence was smaller but not any more – for instance in the past, if you were not satisfied with the experience that you received at a consumer store, you would discuss it with your colleagues and the matter would be limited to only your co-workers. Today, things have taken a change completely and if you posted your dissatisfaction on Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Blogger, Yelp, MySpace, Twitter etc. your view would reach innumerable people within minutes and the reputation of the consumer store would go for a toss instantaneously! The effect that these views have on your online reputation can be destructive and has toppled many multi-million dollar businesses worldwide.

How can “brandvois” assist?
Irrespective of where your online reputation stands, we always have a solution to the situation. Whether you require Far-Sighted Approach to manage your online reputation or the Act-On Campaign to take complete control of your online reputation, we are always available to assist you. We can create a detailed evaluation for you depending on the type of service you require at no obligation and no extra charges.

What is the time-frame involved?
Managing your reputation is a campaign and not a one time solution and as long as you have an online visibility you would require reputation management campaigns to take care of your reputation. But if you are wondering how long it would take to bring down the negative sites completely, the normal time-period is from 1 to 3 months. Beware of any other reputation management solutions providers who say they can remove negative sites in a shorter period and from search results completely.

What is the cost of the campaign?
Every business is unique and so is the campaign which is tailored according to each client’s requirements however, our clients pay us an initial fee for building the campaign and keep us on a monthly allowance to ensure that their online reputation is secured.

What is the guarantee I can get?
brandvois believes in and always strives towards the Quality of our service. We believe in it so much that if you find that we fail to deliver on the results we promise over the agreed period of time, we offer to reverse your contract fees 100% – no red tape and catches here. brandvois intends to get paid for customer satisfaction.