Web Development Firm

This time our client was the best website developer and designer and had a solid foothold in the industry. From the time of entering business, his company was regarded the best and he had won many laurels and appreciation from all of his customers. However, things changed suddenly and people began thinking twice about his integrity. The reason was due to one negative comment on the first page of a major search engine. Our client knew that something had to be done soon or it would jeopardize his business and reputation completely.

When our client contacted us, he wanted a solution immediately as he was losing out on a lot of business because of this comment and we knew that this couldn’t happen instantaneously since it involved a major search engine and comments cannot be eradicated or abolished in a day. Yet we undertook the assignment as a challenge and knew that it was not going to be an easy task of pushing the negative comment down still we wanted to give the client back his business and the peace of mind that something was getting done to improve the situation for him.

We immediately knew that the campaign what this client required was an immediate one so we set to work by getting our best content team to produce content surrounding the keywords of our client. The positive content from our team kept pouring in and we were able to create social profiles and micro sites on the positive sites to maintain the constructive side of the company. We also increased the productive links and within 2 weeks of time the negative comment was pushed down to the 5 page of search results and our client started getting back his business once again.

Our client now has more work than he can handle but he is not complaining and is a happy man these days. It was the timely intervention of “brandvois” which saved his business from failing and we still continue to protect his website from any other negative attacks like the above in the future. We have even received several references from our client and our association has come a long way since then.