Online Reseller

Our client this time was an individual who wanted to get into the online world of selling but still did not know the way around and was groping for the right solution provider to help him out. He had a new website which was designed all classy and glossy but there was nothing that could retain customers or prospects when they visited neither was there any reference to the website from search engines since there were no specific keywords to draw the attention of search engines.

The client was on a tight schedule and wanted things to be done in a very short span of time and since the assignment was to develop his website to catch the attention of search engines, it was not a hard task for us either. All we needed to do was to get the website on track and find its place in the majority of search engine.

We set to work on this client’s website by first getting him a perfect set of keywords to match his business and then started working on the details that were required to get him a position on the search engines. We constructed the complete campaign including creating social profiles, blogs and micro sites. Once that was done we created the content, press releases and expanded link building campaigns around the network of his sites.

Our client is a successful entrepreneur today and has many customers and prospects who find his website informative and attractive. Every month we improvise his network even further by safe-guarding and shielding his online reputation so that no negative comments or sites would affect his growth. Our client has been very cooperative and always consults with us before he makes any changes on his website.