Online Curio Store

The client was a top curio store in Philadelphia and also had his online curio store which did good business. The client had a splendid reputation for being the best in business since his brick and mortar store was in operation for more than 3 decades. It was a family business and name and fame was sure to be a part of it. Nevertheless, when our client found that there was a slump in the online business, he was worried that it would affect the shop in the mall too. His reputation and integrity was tarnished online due to some negative feedbacks and comments from earlier customers and though he had made up for those customers by rectifying the issue the negative comments were still around.

When our client contacted us he was worried a lot and wanted us to do something that would bring back the reputation to his business. We knew that negative comments and feedbacks on the first page of search engines cannot be pushed down immediately yet we took it in our stride to assist our client in getting the negativity surrounding him abolished and here is how we did it.

Our client was losing patience and sleep over these negative comments, so we knew that we had to act fast to prevent him from losing more business. With our expert SEO and content team, we created press releases, articles, social profiles and just about everything else that was positive in his favor. We also included all the positive feedbacks he was receiving lately for his commendable work. We created more micro sites on the positives to maintain the constructive side of the company and increased the productive links. Within a couple of weeks the negative feedbacks were pushed way down and all the positive points of the client was seen on the first pages of search engines.

Our client has got back his business and his reputation and sales have sky-rocketed over the last few months from the time we managed his reputation. We still maintain and safe-guard his website to prevent future attacks and our client claims that it was the appropriate involvement of “brandvois” which has got him this far.