Online Advertising Firm

Our client was one of the largest online advertising firms in the US and profited well from advertising activities and media coverage. The firm has been in business over the last several years and is quite popular however; something happened somewhere and things began taking a turn for the worse. People were seeking other advertising firms and business was not as good as before. It wasn’t long before they found out that there was some kind of obstruction that was preventing customers and prospects from reaching them. The problem was found in the form of complaints, negative feedbacks and negative sites surrounding them.

The client gave us the details of the problem and we found that most of the negative feedbacks and comments along with the complaints were coming from an external source and not from customers. When we delved deeper we found that the external source belonged to one of the competitor of our client and he was using negative links and sites to bring bad repute to our advertising client. What we needed to do was to remove all the negativity surrounding the client’s website and push all the complaints and comments down.

With our expertise and comprehensive efforts we developed an Immediate Campaign for our client and fine combed all of the first 20 pages from major search engine results and tagged each listing as constructive, unconstructive or unbiased. Then using our creative team we developed positive content around the keywords, promoted the positive sites and with our SEO experts we added social profiles and micro sites to salvage the situation. We also contacted the competitor and requested him to remove the negative links warning him of a lawsuit if things continued in this fashion. Within a short span of time all the negativity surrounding the client’s website was brought down drastically and things starting looking up for the client’s business.

Our client has now once again back in business with a bang and has retained our services for us to safeguard and protect his website from future attacks. People can now find only positive feedback and comments when they search for our client details on major search engines. Our client has moved up further in business and attributes his success to “brandvois”