brandvois was founded by young internet entrepreneurs with substantial online reputation management experience. Our prime objective has always been ensuring that the search engine results about your business or products are supportive enough to build new business.

Conventional SEO providers concentrate on brand promotion but what are the steps being taken to protect your brand?

Search engines are often made use by others to create a negative impression of a company or business by posting defamatory statements that can affect an online business to a great extent. Many internet users click these first page statements and wrongly conclude the nature of business as unworthy. The search engine results also hugely damages the reputation and this type of defamation is also called as “online reputation terrorism” which means online damaging of individuals, services, products or companies.

brandvois helps you to protect or scrutinize your online reputation. We understand that reputation is built on years and years of hard work but can be spoiled in less than a minute; hence the best option would be to make use of professionals who can safeguard your business and your best interests.