Looking at the basics of Search Engine Optimisation we have noticed that a lot of people have known the basic words or jargon in the industry and consider themselves as SEO experts. While what they know maybe a part of SEO, it is never sufficient to fully understand the process and make a website reach top rankings in google search results. For example, when talking about the various methods through which to help the google spiders to navigate through the site, it is easy to point out to the robots.txt file. This file contains the domain level guidance to the web spiders and direct them as to which pages to visit. The content of this file is very important. But there are much more subtler technologies at work here. We at brandvois know that this simplistic approach is not the best way to go and that the google search algorithm has been updated to make sure that the content of this file alone does not affect the rankings. Using meta directives that will provide a page by page set of instructions to help the web spider to navigate is much more effective and a much more reliable way of reaching better rankings.

The Meta Directive Approach

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