In the earlier days of the google search engine a concept called cloaking was used to fool the search engine to deliver false content to the person doing the search. This was done by the process of cloaking, where a server was set up in such a way that a page will be viewed differently by the human user and totally differently by the google bot. The reputation of google as a business took a severe beating whenever a cloaked site was delivered to a person using google search engine. Google fought back by blacklisting these sites and updated their algorithm and in certain cases included human verification to provide better results to the user. This process of cloaking is something that is sometimes followed by people around the world hoping to reach higher rankings. At brandvois, we are in a position to know what must be done and what must be avoided at all costs. The situation is such that the list of what not to do is equally important as what to do when it comes to search engine optimisation. To avoid such penalties there are numerous other ways that we would suggest to reach better rankings in the google search results.

The Cloaked Mystery of SEO

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