Last week was very eventful as we got quite a few questions from our clients regarding the cloaking post. Some of them were launching new websites for european customers and their webmaster’s suggestion of using cloaking to direct new customers to their corresponding sites started alarm bells in their heads. To get clarity about the situation it is important to understand the fine line that keeps cloaking within the legalities of google’s rules. Cloaking can be used for re directing users to a website that contains content in their own language. It is within the limits set by google. If your website has to service clients across different countries then it is ok to use cloaking and direct them to different sites. By taking a look at the score that the google bot agent that is part of your webmaster’s tools and comparing it with a human user’s score the line between legality and blacklisting can be defined better. The same concept is applicable for the versions of the site created for mobile devices. These are considerably different from the normal pages and cloaking is the simplest option to maintain the domain name and serve different clients all over the world.

Multi lingual sites and cloaking

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