One of the many steps involved in getting a page ranked higher is getting the keywords right and developing the content in the website that is relevant to the keywords that is being targeted. Even though a lot of companies and web developers give prime importance to these factors there are too many smaller details that are ignored. It is these details that make a website strong in terms of SEO and helps it to remain stable in a high position for long periods of time. The google search engine and the google spiders are fascinating in the way they work and when we look at the way they move through the pages it is easy to notice the similarities to human reading habits. Moving through content from left to right and giving more importance to content at the top is what humans do. The google web spiders go through a html page in the same way. We have noticed over the years in SEO that the layout of pages has a role to play in the way the page is ranked. While it may not be a deciding factor, it is the small concepts like these and details that make a website stay high in google’s rankings.

The Layout factor for SEO

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