Just like the way google revolutionised the way internet was being used, facebook has done something similar. By accumulating hundreds of millions of people on to one platform the people are facebook have created an area teeming with activity and where one can reap rich rewards by working smart and fast. We have always kept an eye on the growth of social media circles and the explosion of facebook has resulted in some new angles of approach towards SEO. When we started looking at the social media circle starting from Orkut and many such sites there were not much options available for webmasters to integrate them as a part of their SEO strategy. But the change has happened and right now companies have come up with applications that aid in using the social media platform for the same purpose. For example, facebook has come up with the application called facebook insights and at brandvois we always adopt the new technologies – anything and everything that can give our clients the edge over the competition. Social media is changing the way the net is perceived and we are always ready to adapt the technology to serve our clients towards all ends.

SEO from the social media angle

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