One of the many sites around in the internet offer services to host content and offer a unique link to that content. During one of our recent interactions with clients we noticed certain interesting points when it comes to external links to the home website. There were many pages with links like across various domains like tumblr, blogger etc. The problem with these links were that even though the content was rich and had a lot of relevance to the home page these attributes were not linked or transferred to the home page. These are simple misconceptions that people often have about content and the ranking involved in them. We always advice the webmasters to reverse the proxy and link all the content to the websites. The initial analysis of the team of engineers at brandvois interact with the client and make sure that there are no avenues left explored or unattended. We always make sure that every bit of information that can help is obtained and the ancillary activities to add value to a website are taken care of. This is part and parcel of our procedures and the service that we offer our clients.

External data – A useless addition

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