One of the most recent revelations about the way google operates happened because of a document that was circulated in SEO circles. The document showed the categories that web pages were classified into for a given search query and gave valuable insight into how to structure a SEO process. We were happy and relieved to see that the classification was very similar to what we have developed over the years. This classification is necessary for us to understand the dynamics of the internet and to make sure that the right keyword is being used in our clients’ websites. The classification ranges from vital to useless and passed through three stages in between. By making sure that the back links and other affiliated actions are directing to proper pages and content we are able to provide higher relevance to the websites. A part of our processes includes link building and this understanding of google has helped us a great deal in the past and reinforces the belief that we have in our own system. Proper analysis is required to understand the relevance of the web page to google. While a page might be important to for certain keywords it might be useless to others. Understanding this difference is very vital to properly optimse a website.

The google way

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