Google has always tried to stay ahead of people trying to fool its search engine and optimise websites using just keywords and link farms. There was once a time, when people used to show different things to the google web spiders and different content to the actual user. There were certain people who tracked down the IP addresses that google’s bots use. Google put a stop to that by launching from various IPs and using human users to check the relevance of websites. This put paid to the methods that were used earlier. The drive behind google has always been to make a website as friendly to a user and relevant content was given higher priority than any other factor. These days there is penalty in the form of blacklisting the website that does such nefarious activities. We as part of the SEO community welcome such measures on part of google. Even though these methods provide quick results and gets the client’s website higher in the ranking, it is very very harmful for the client in the long run as visitors get upset over the website that is not providing relevant content. At brandvois we stick to the rules and play to win by using all our available resources and making the websites that people will remember and visit with or without the help of a search engine.

The common sense approach

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