When there is so much of content available on the net, how do we get a person to notice and follow a link? While there are many ways to do this, a few are ethically wrong and do not always give the best results. The process of link baiting is always an interesting aspect of SEO and it takes a lot of creativity and understanding of people’s behaviour to come up with a good link baiting article. Link baiting involves the process of attracting people so that they read through to the articles from a simple link.

When thinking about it a little more deeply we can understand why the title of an article is most important. We have over the years understood this innocuous little detail and many more similar details. Getting a person interested with titles like “leaked specifications of the next PlayStation“ is easy, but the disappointment that comes after clicking on the link is something that we never want people to feel. That is where brainstorming and the creative genius of the team at brandvois comes in. During these sessions, we come up with creative ways of identifying and constructing titles that will attract more and more customers without causing any frustration.

To bait or not to bait

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