Recently during one of our team discussions, our team mates brought up the time that we have spent on optimizing websites and the events that have happened around us. Quoting certain sources, we were treated to statistics that actually surprised us all. Ever since 2001, Google has updated its algorithm over 4000 times and there have been over 11 billion searches made on Google. That is almost more than an update a day. There are so many changes that have happened. Looking at the reality of the situation, it was really a revelation that our processes have evolved and adapted to so much change.

We had begun our services by sending mails to webmasters to exchange links and have grown to a level where there is a team of experts aided by the latest tools and experiences. There have been so many changes and by adapting an approach at the grass roots level we are able to evolve a system that works. With the content on the web increasing every day, there is every possibility of getting lost in all the data. It takes a process that has evolved with the changes to create results that will last for a long time.

Time flies and numbers rise

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