There has been a lot of information about how keywords are supposed to be used and how often they need to be used. The earlier days of search engine optimisation involved people putting in more and more keywords into the pages and the search engine algorithms got wise to that fact. These days there are different ways that a keyword is processed through a search engine. Google uses the concept of weight of a keyword – how they assign a weight is the crucial piece of the puzzle that may never be available. But then again the misconception that the frequency of a keyword and its relevance are directly related is a thing of the past. These days, the experts arrive at a certain percentage for each page and settle on a number between 2 to 8 per cent of the total number of words.

We have always been looking at SEO from a perspective that is different from others. To determine the exact number of keywords has always been a tricky part of SEO and the link between the relevancy and frequency is a closely guarded secret. We on the most part attribute our success to the readability of the content in the website and how useful it is to the human user. By actually providing quality content in the website we make sure that the human user and the Google bot get the data they want in the manner that is useful for each.

The perfect keyword density

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