The launch of the Google+ business pages has been of great interest to us in the domain of SEO and online marketing. There was a great deal of buzz created initially when Google+ was launched and the social media angle for Google has reached nearly 26 million users worldwide. Google’s products have always been about functionality and aesthetics – a combination that has brought some innovative designs that have changed the perspective of the whole world. With the Google+ business pages there are a lot of new options that have been made available for the consumer and businesses alike.

Our interest in Google’s products have always been high and the moment we get our hands on a service or a product we begin testing and understanding the technology and its reach. The Google+ pages offer all the services of Google rolled into one while bringing lovely concepts like group video discussions in to the flow. One of the biggest attractions that we have seen and been able to implement for our clients is the possibility of integrating rich media content in these pages. This allows much better user interaction leading to better business results in the long term scenario.

To Google+ business pages and beyond

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