Last week we had a very interesting query from one of our clients who had used our services in the past. The client had multiple websites and was managing them through a team of people. We had provided consultation for SEO and trained the people to carry on the work. Our processes were robust enough for the team to carry on without much assistance from us. But there was a glitch with some of their sites where the same process was being followed but the rankings for the sites were not in the order that the client had wanted. They approached us with this problem and it was an interesting study for us as well.

It was lovely to watch the team crack it within a few hours and identify the problem as duplication of content. Because the sites had the same content the Google spiders were not able to assign the original content a higher ranking. The ranking was done in an arbitrary manner and this was the problem for the client. The solution that our people provided was equally simple and involved minor changes to the code in the website. It was really gratifying to see the experience and understanding amongst the team in responding to previously unrecognised issues.


The duplication problem

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