Google has released information about the latest update to its search algorithm and we are testing it already for the changes in the way the update affects searches. The most challenging and interesting part of SEO involves these changes and cracking the way the update will change the search results. After providing real time searches for a long time the current update will make the search more relevant in the chronological order. For example if anyone searches for a score in a Manchester United match, the scores that will be returned will be for the latest match and not the previous ones. This is in fact a good improvement as it returns the most recent content in the initial stages. When it comes to news sites and other portals that share information, the one that has the latest information will gain more priority. It was a very interesting development for us as it would provide us with a way of continuously updating the content of our client’s site and inevitably improving its quality. People who offer a one-time SEO service will find it difficult to be on top of the search results and this will bring out the true SEO experts in our midst.


Google’s latest algorithm update

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