After almost 90 days of incubation in the far reaches of the Internet, Google+ has finally been opened up for everyone to join. It was interesting to watch the social networking site evolve over the past few days as Google made changes to various functionalities. Google + has gathered many followers in the meanwhile and we are waiting for the flood of people to join the social networking site offered by the company that has brought us Gmail. One of the most interesting aspects about the way Google has given the news of this opening to millions of its users is as simple and effective as many of Google’s brilliant designs. Everyone who has used Google’s search page would have noticed the huge blue arrow mark pointing towards a corner of the page where the Google+ registration link is posted. This is such a simple and very ingenious way of getting people to know about their new service.

With the Google+ business pages touted to be better than anything that their chief target Facebook has turned out, it is just a matter of time before everyone gets around to using it. We too are looking forward to explore how we can use this new tool in our arsenal and are waiting to analyse its effects on the SEO process and the people in the SEO community.

Google+ – Here comes the flood

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