Ever since the Google instant service was added to the Google search page last year, there has been constant tinkering and simple improvements to the service. The newest addition involves the way the results are displayed when the Google instant service is used. Google has always been keen not only in improving its algorithm but also on the way that search results are displayed to the user. The Google instant provides a constant update on the search page itself, as a person types. We were very interested in the way these searches were conducted and the speed at which the new results were displayed. Of special interest was the relevance of each new word in the search box and the corresponding changes that were appearing on the instant page. With the addition of every character, there were a few changes that gave us great insight about the way the system works. Based on these observations there was a long and detailed discussions in our efforts to map out how the search engine is going about getting these data. We are really excited though to see these insights bear results in our test sites and then at later stages to our clients.

Google Instant – The next experiment

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