After looking at clients ranging from three person start-ups to multi-million dollar organisations, we have found it exhilarating and challenging at the same time. There were several trends when it comes to companies and we have become quite adept at identifying these trends with organisations. These trends have helped us refine our processes to better suit customers and also understand the reactions from customers. There are many different factors that influence the SEO strategies of these people. One of the common factors among all these companies that we have serviced so far has been the awareness about the importance of SEO as part of their marketing and public relations strategy. Looking at the various products and services that these companies have had to offer – from gardening implements to high tech networking systems – it has been a very eye-opening experience for us. There are definite patterns to how the public has reacted to various strategies and it is this wealth of strategies and the ability to understand that has made our services unique. To customise the solutions to the varied customer base and provide results is a culmination of observation and practice through all these years in service.

The factors of SEO

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