Ever since Google rolled out its Panda update, there has been a huge furore in the SEO community over what needs to be done with respect to it. There were numerous speculations as to what the Panda update was supposed to do with regard to algorithms and also how it affects the SEO community. Even though the debate still rages on in certain areas of the Internet, it has now become clear that the update is a way for Google to rate the quality of a website. We too were looking forward to the update so that we could fine tune our processes to accommodate the changes that have been made. We were a part of the feedback system when Google was devising the Panda update and we were able to understand the system through which the quality of the website was being updated. Through a simple system of questions and answers, it is possible to find the quality of our clients’ websites and thereby improve upon their ratings with regard to Google’s standards. One of the things that we love about Google is that they make their systems simple and based on human behaviour so that their services are delivered more to people’s liking.

The storm around Google Panda

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