Recently there was a huge furore over an application that was released as a smart phone app, authorized by Google. The developer was a French developer and was called “is your son gay”. While the activists started targeting Google for authorizing such an app for release there has been no word about the actual developer. This was a lesson that we had learned very early on when dealing with advertisements on websites and the kind of images that can tend to be associated with pages. There are many automated systems available today for creating advertisements based on the keywords in the page and the relevant associations. Google has been crucified for having authorised this application when there was nothing legally wrong with that they have done. In our process we have always been careful to avoid any such activity from taking place. It is part of our processes that no objectionable content finds its way into any of our clients’ pages, even when there is a high payoff available. This is because of our belief that long term integrity is what drives businesses and not just short term gains.

Be careful of the associations

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