As part of our internal processes focusing on the forefront of technology, a presentation was being made on the problem with publishing information before it is confirmed. The publishing company had been at a trial and published information of the result even before that actual verdict was announced. While this was part of a strategy to be in the forefront of the news, from a SEO perspective this kind of breaking news creates a lot of traffic for the site and also creates numerous back links from people. This is part of the Google algorithm that provides higher ranking for fresh content that is updated regularly. We follow this process with our clients when updating information and use this process of “Query deserves freshness” part in the algorithm. Apart from the breaking news, there are different ways through which the latest information on the web and the newest search trends can be used to make a website that is more popular among people. With our people’s understanding of trends about keywords and the knowledge of how to find out the latest in any domain, we at brandvois have always been able to provide the best services when it comes to SEO.

QDF – Jumping the gun

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