Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have become very visible entities on the Internet and have influenced everything that happens on the Internet. We have been creating and fine tuning processes for our clients for quite some time now and the inclusion of social media marketing has led to quite some changes in our overall approach. To encompass this new angle, we debated and determined that we will require a dedicated position of a social marketer, who will aid in all the projects that we handle, ranging from SEO services to online marketing services.

Looking at the position we realised that not all the people in our team could take up that position. Each person had an area of expertise and the team was extremely efficient when working together. To give a person the role of a social media marketer and assigning responsibilities was no easy task. In the end we were happy to find a person with good commitment, social skills, determination and creativity to take over the role. It was very interesting to note that the role fit perfectly with the team as these activities had been a part of our bread and butter for quite some time.

The Social Media Marketer

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