Google tweaked the search algorithm today, which came as a shock to many people in the industry. The junk results were washed off completely and there was even a significant change in many of the much coveted first three slots of the search results for many keywords. However, the news failed to surprise us that hard, since we’ve been expecting this for a very long time. People had been starting to lose their faith on Google – and alternatives to Google such as Blekko were starting to gain momentum which obviously is not a good sign. The tweaks enabled Google to filter quality content form the others and in turn raising the quality of Google as a whole. Our clients would have noted that none of results have been affected by this major tweak in Google’s algorithm. We have always ensured quality in our articles – done by experienced content writers and cross-checked by expert Optimizers and our work speaks for itself today. Another reason why you should bank on the brandvois team.

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