Some people take to Internet marketing a little late, yes, but should it prove such a costly affair? One of my clients wanted to increase his online presence and we wanted it pay off soon. Not that it hasn’t happened before but it has become a lot more frustrating than before. We tried to open twitter accounts for all of his brands but they were booked already – all fifteen of them and guess what there hasn’t been a single posting from any of such account. We enquired with the client and he was sure that he hasn’t used twitter for business anytime before giving us the project. We call it Squatting – has been happening with the website domains for a long time but now it is twitter – they just block the username such that it closely resembles a popular brand – they intend to make money out of it. Guess twitter should more actively be helping business rather than the squatters by following their Name Squatting & Inactive Account policy.

Domains then, Twitter now

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