It’s Black Friday and all business are having a rush and so is brandvois naturally. Our staff had been having sleepless nights working on the ‘Far-Sighted campaigns’ and also ‘Act-On Campaings’ for all our clients. Projects had been pouring from all sides and as always we had to concentrate on the quality too so that the client doesn’t end up paying for anything more than the value of our service. There had been a very high increase in the online traffic this Black Friday compared to the last year. It is important that every business has to take care of their reputation in parellel to running advertising campaigns both online and using conventional media. Every potential consumer is researching products to buy from you as well as your competitors, where the reputation has an important role to play in his decision-making. A bad reputation could spoil all the spending in advertising. Good luck finding more customers and Happy Black Friday!

Black Friday Rush

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