Your Online Reputation: All The Things That Could Go Wrong

Maintaining a respectable brand takes a lot of work, especially since it now includes dealing with what can hardly be called predictable – the internet. The management of your online reputation thus includes a large number of different strategies, each of them being focused on a separate issue. Search engine optimization, for instance, although a vital part of putting your product out there, deals only with your website’s rank on Google.

In this post, we are going to introduce you to the most common mishaps that could occur in the process of building and maintaining your online reputation. By doing this, we hope to make you realize how important it is to have a soundproof strategy, as well as how the lack of one could affect your business.

  1. Low PageRank
    Since internet has become the most commonly used source of information, having a high ranked website is considered crucial for the recognition of a brand. In other words, if your site is on the third page of Google results, you might as well delete it. Fortunately, there are many different optimization strategies, such as including relevant keywords, providing enough backlinks and uploading product images.
  2. Negative Reviews
    Respectable sites allow their visitors to leave comments regarding the quality of their service or products, and a positive review can do wonders to the perception of your brand. Unfortunately, you won’t be praised all the time. Negative reviews are inevitable, and could do a lot of harm to your business, so make sure to learn from your mistakes and always respond in a polite manner.
  3. Negative Perception Caused by Your Response
    Apart from the negative reviews left by your customers, your online reputation could also be damaged by how you choose to respond to them. It is important to realize that your response will be perceived as a reflection of your attitude towards your customers, which is why you should always try to make amends.
  4. Bad Press
    Regardless of whether your brand is an already established one, you could get negative reviews even from official sites and newspapers. Nestle, for example, has gotten so much bad publicity that people have deemed it necessary to start a Nestle Boycott Campaign. Apart from providing a quality product or service, this one is hard to avoid, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to be aware of the possibility.
  5. Competitor Sabotage
    You might think that by developing a respectable brand and taking good care of your customers, you have done all that needs to be done, but in some respects, this is only the beginning. There is plenty of competition in every area of production and expertise, which means that there is a possibility for you to become a target of competitor sabotage. In such cases, the best thing to do is to hire marketing professionals.
  6. Negative Influence From Social Media Platforms
    Facebook, Twitter and similar sites are a whole other issue, but a pressing one as well. A negative comment posted by a member of a social media community could reflect badly on your brand, which is why it is important to keep track of what is being said about it, as well as to respond immediately.

Keeping track of all the changes that are happening in the virtual world can be a tiresome task. Choosing not to do it, on the other hand, could have a serious impact on your business. So isn’t it safe to conclude that online reputation management has become a key factor in the world of business?

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