With brand reputation, get it right the first time


How many times have we heard the phrase that one never gets a second chance to make a first impression? What about the fact that seven seconds is sometimes all one needs to do this? Countless times! What we have also heard, or what we, through our experiences, have discovered is that in most cases, this impression remains indelible. A story is told of a young boy who, in an age where we probably had neither shoes nor the fantastic spenco insoles that we have so much come to love, went to visit his uncle in a far off land. On arrival, his mean uncle served him bread and stew made from flies, thinking that the boy was too young to notice (stuff of fairy tales but hang on). With disgust written all over his face, the boy threatened to tell his father, which made his uncle very afraid. His uncle tried to right his wrong by ‘spoiling’ the young boy in all manner of ways, including slaughtering a hen and a goat. However, always when he asked the young boy what he would tell his father, the answer always started with the bad first treatment.

The same applies for you and your business. The first impressions made by a potential customer determines whether they will end up buying your goods or services. Brand image is everything and mind you, the average consumer will spend up to two hours researching before they buy a product. This time includes brand and reputation reviews which are not only tied to the quality of the product, but as well to the reputation of your company and everything related to it.

For example, if you are into property management, it is important to maintain a good image of your business as this is an area where reputation ranks very highly. Looking for a good real estate website builder will let you start off on a good footing but what if you realize that there are some negative comments online, which though probably false, could harm your brand reputation? You know that unlike insoles which you can always replace, you might never have a chance to reverse this negative online impression.

The good thing is that at Brandvois, we have all the necessary tools and skills to not only tackle these negative comments, but also ensure that we safeguard your reputation against future attacks. Like Excida.com,thousands of companies rely on our ability to provide service of the highest quality, based on strong values including integrity and creativity. We will take care of your online reputation so that you have enough time to focus on driving your business ambitions to even greater heights.

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